Thursday, January 08, 2004

I guess titles do work now... 

With a little bit of fiddleing I managed to get this blog to use bloggers title code. This was harder then I thought, as my blog template was a blogger free-bee that was designed to work when titles were a Paid-Only option, and thus my template did not have the code. I'm used to tables, so screwing around with CSS code was a little tricky for me.

Well enough about me teaching my HTML new tricks, on to the Stupid-things-so-far list:

•My flatmate is out of work, he claims it's only for a week, but I'm not happy 'cus he owes me a months rent!!!

•I went to the pub last night, not a good idea 'cus at work the next day I felt like...like I had gone to the pub the night before. That Is Bad.

•As per my previously mentioned patronage of a local alcholic beveradge selling point, I sent some VERY drunken e-mails to people last night, and am now waiting for the replys with 2 parts fear and 1 part pure interest, as I have no idea who I sent what to.

•I have no Idea what time it is as my computer clock is not correct. I suspect the U.S. Department of home land in-security, they have a thing against people knowing more then they do.

•I'm using bullets as a method of avoiding writing paragraphs that follow any sort of rules.

•I want my house keys back.
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