Friday, March 05, 2004

Untitled: The Movie 

Warning: This Web-Log will look a little strange over the next week or so as I mess around with the code. I’ve cought the dreaded HTML/CSS bug that effects people who notice that tons of other blogs look just like theirs. More on that later.

Well the boss came back to work today, but he still seems pretty messed up from the food poisining/virus.

Of course I was feeling about the same as he was, but for self induced reasons. I keep forgetting that drinking the night before work is a BAD idea. But after a couple of weeks the memory of feeling like utter crap all day, and trying to act professional, well, it fades.

The Polish people are still hear, and the are becoming braver about breaking out the English when they need too. Not that they have a huge amount with which to bust a move conversationally, but it’s still a heck of a lot more then I can do in Polish, so who am I to complain.

One good thing did come from my drinking session last night. In the last bar of the night I ended up meeting some guy who owns his own internet search company, in the bathroom of all places. Anyway, he gave me his card and said I should think about doing some consulting work for him. I’ll probably never do anything about it, but its nice to get a random job offer next to the commode. Kind of puts life in perspective.

Flat wise things are looking up. A guy at work has bought a new place, and has offered to put in A good word for me to the letting agent of the place he rents now. It’s not even a flat, but a 3 bedroom house. Space is a luxury I have done without for the past year.

Instead of doing any work today I switched this very web-log over to a custom template, with embedded CSS. I stole some of the CSS from Bluerobot.com, and then heavily modified it to work with the Blogger’s own code. I still have a way to go until all the colours and layout are right, but I’m still proud that it’s my own code being used, instead of my words being injected into someone else’s template. Once I get the hang of CSS by hacking around in this blog, then I think I’ll be ready to tackle the task of creating my own portfolio online. I already own the domain (www.myfullname.com for those who are interested) I need.

In fact, I might end up hosting the blog on my own website, if I can find away to update it via the web. My be I can setup a script that sucks the HTML stright from blogger, parses out all the blogger code and adverts, and then re-posts it to my website. That has several advantages:

1. The blog would be hosted at two locations at once, in case of failure.
2. I can still use bloggers web interface to update my blog from anywhere in the world with out the need for an FTP program.
3. Features not possible in blogger could be added when I create them.
4. Hosting your own and rolling rolling your own code adds ‘leet hax0r credit.

Well, that’s a lot of text, and not much substance.

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