Monday, March 15, 2004

"...The Ides of march." 

An e-mail that says it all anyway, so I'll just post it:

Hi Jess! Thanks for the birthday e-mail!

Well, I spent the first few hours of my 21st year on the fine planet, sitting in Charring Cross Hospital. Sunday night my flatmate Steve (the British welder) was vomiting so badly that he was throwing up blood. I dragged him down to Emergency after he complained that he could not feel his limbs. After a few hours in A&E it was discovered that he had torn his stomach lining. Excessive Alcohol consumption is the most likely cause, though one of the doctors herself thought that food poisoning may be a factor.

The up shot was that I did not get home until 5:00am this morning, and had to get up for work at 8:00am. What a way to start a birthday. My weekend was nothing special to begin with.

Friday: Went drinking with some guys from work. Embossed myself with my drunken antics in front of the Girls who live downstairs. Locking ones self out of ones own flat is not considered cool anymore I guess.

Saturday I was not able to keep up while drinking shots, this did nothing to improve my coolness with the random group of Aussies I was drinking with.

Sunday: Still drunk from the previous night out, decided to attend the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham palace. The Guards played the Spanish national anthem to honour those killed in the Madrid bombings on March the 11th.

And Sunday night was just as fun as I described above, though my other flatmate Kerstin and I went out for dinner and had Irish stew.

As far as my return to Canada…well I want to, but it would be complicated, and cost a lot of money. If I hold of till the summer, or September I’ll be able to have money for collage/Uni or to travel Europe with. Heck you should grab a Holiday working visa and get your ass over here. One of my flatmates works as a Swimming teacher, and I’m sure he could help you get a Life guarding job.

Anyway, work is over so I’m signing off.

I’ll send you some pictures once I get the chance too.

Oh ya, I’m posting this e-mail in my web-log, so if you want to read the rest of my adventures head on over to www.in-real-time.blogspot.com


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