Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Great Lint Monster and other tales from the city 

Ah, London. Such a strange, fast paced city.

I was rear-ended on my way to work this morning. A normal enough thing to happen I guess, but the thing is, I walk to work. No cars were involved. I slowed down to look both ways before crossing the street and WAM; she ploughed straight into the back of me! After demonstrating what I will call the verbal equivalent of beeping ones horn, she was off again at top speed. If she had had a licence number painted on her ass, I would have reported her for dangerous…walking.

I was already late for work having miss placed one of my shoes, which turned out to be underneath the Polish girl sleeping in our lounge room. Under the Polish girl, always the last place you look. The reason for the Polish people in the lounge (Three in total) is that they are friends of my Polish roommates cousin’s girlfriend. I’d provide a diagram, but I’m still confused. All I know is that it’s the most distant connection leading to people staying with us ever.

However, I do not blame our pleasant Polish parasites for my late arrival at work. No, my other flat mate Steve provided the first hurdle in my journey to work. This is where the tale gests even more long winded:

Steve has a new job working the night shift as a welder for the London Underground. But judging from the state of the shower this morning, I don’t think he was doing much welding last night. From the looks of things he must have been tasked with hunting down and killing the dreaded Lint-Fluff beast that lurks in only the darkest tunnels of the tube network. This is the only reason I can think of for the fuzzy grey crap that was stuck to every surface in the shower. The Lint-Fluff beast must also live on a diet of glue, for it took ten minutes for me to remove enough of its remains for to even try showering.

To top it all off, once I got to work, I learned that my boss is still off sick with food poisoning, the third day in a row now. This leaves me the sole IT ninja for the entire office, and removes most of the goof off time I was going to put to good use finding a new place to live. My lease runs out in less then four weeks, so I’m hoping my boss gets his immune system in gear soon.

How ever, I’m having a really good time, all this crazyness is much better then the un-interesting weeks that made up late January to Mid-February. It’s been getting better since I had a two part Canadian invasion. First Sam, a distant family friend, then Andi, a member of the clan Argast and sister to the Famous Tim with a B. I’d never seen Steve so well behaved, nice going Andi ;)

Now my main task is to get my passport sorted out, and then I’m ready for as much lint as life sends me.

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