Sunday, February 08, 2004

At long last, a post 

I'm sick of HTML and websites. Alll I have been doing over the last two weeks is updating the company website. Constant changes, updates, and modifcations. At least I got to post the staff shots I was asked to shoot.

My boss is going down hill. He got a new computer and now he thinks he is "The Shit". It's quite funny. I'm guessing his new self image is the reason he has installed his new screensaver. How ever, I'm not sure that a realistic simulation of South Park's Mr. Hanky the Christmass Poo (with a "leave Poo Trail" option!) is a good choice for the IT Manager. He seems to like it, so who am I to tell him that the admin girls are getting a little nervous of the glee a singing turd seems to bring him.

A lot of my friends that were on working Visa's are leaving, as they only last two years. The people that are left are mostly dual nationals like me. There are upsides though, like leaving parties. Also, spring time brings the new people, young, inexperianced ex-pats who have never been to The Redback, or the slug. Australians, Kiwi's and Cunucks that have never been to The Church on a sunday (no, not church, The Church he he he).

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