Thursday, January 29, 2004

A slightly melted post 

All the snow melted, but I got some pictures before it was all gone.

I changed my mattress. This may effect my life more then you think. My old mattress was so lumpy that if I am ever captured and tourtured for months, I will not crack, as anything the goverment agents (It will be govenrment agents, I can just feel it) do to me will not match the pain and suffering my mattress has inflicted on me over the last few months.

The fact that I did not change it before now says somthing about the levels of procrastation I can reach.

I need the sleep too, I've a heavy weekend coming.

To be fair to my former tourmentor, my sleeping arrangments have not been the only reason for my lack of rest. I have become addicted to:

[Drum Roll]

An online encyclopedia called Wikipedia.

Not only is all the text Copyleft, it can be edited by ANYONE, and the engine behind it all is OpenSource to boot.

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