Sunday, January 11, 2004

A MUSE'ing band 

Just picked up MUSE's new album, and it is fantastic!

I was not sure weather it would be worth it at first, but I needed an excuse to get out of the flat for a bit, so I walked over to fulham broadway. In fact one of MUSE's members is on virginradio right now, so I'm listening to it via the interweb while I type this.

While on my quest for MUSE's album, I ran across a fantastic book of Photography about altered landscapes. One chapter is on Shipbreaking in Bangladesh, which I've been fasinated by since seeing a National Geographic article on the subject. Turns out the photographer is Canadian.

Supper tonight should be good, i picked up a whole bunch of fresh food yesterday, as i was running low. I need to call a bunch of people, as I have developed a fear of dialing phone numbers. I'm fine once the phone starts ringing, and If people call me i'm ok, but if I have to call people it is just really hard to go through the motion of dialing their number. I have no idea why this, I hope its temporery. In fact, I hope it's diet related, then I would have even more reason to start eating healthy.

Off to the kitchen with me!

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