Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Everything is pending at the moment. Passport: In progress. Account details for rent: Tomorrow. Jess's Ticket: Tonight if possible. Deftones gig. Next week sometime.

The only thing that Is going to happen: The Matrix Reloaded. Tonight I'm heading off to see it.

It’s way too hot out today, in a muggy I-really-don't-feel-like-working sort of way. The long weekend was too much. Friday to Sunday is a blur, but Monday made up for it. I guess I'm not really complaining about the heat, just my body's inability to deal with the shift in temperature. It's always been slow at it, and considering one of my genetic traits. It's not really all that surprising.

The flat's on the 'net though.

Karl, I'm going to e-mail you, as soon as I stop being lazy.

The US admission that "Iraq could have destroyed all it’s weapons of mass destruction before we got there." Was greeted by hysterical laughter by just about anyone who herd it today. Shit, Mt Rumsfeild should do stand-up.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I am invinceable. Or I can't spell.

Lots of stuff to do at work = really short blog posts. Which for the public interest is mostly a good thing.

I have new powers, but to re-veal them now would piss off PETA. Shit Canadian beef has got Mad-Moo-Moo virus. Toronto has SARS for all.

The washing machine has gone into spin cycle, I must leave you all now.
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