Thursday, April 24, 2003

I'm off to France for the day tommrow, no more posts untill monday unless I intend to spend my own money for a bit of online time. Wow, I sound all European <------ Sarcasm Ninjas are Cool!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The shower and I are at war. I like nice warm water, of a consitant tempreture. The shower perfers to change from hot to cold about 4 to 5 times a min. I'm not exagerting either, it's nuts. It's like showering in Morse code. Cold, Cold, Cold, HOT, HOT, Cold, HOT, Cold, Cold. It's not the bset way to start a day, naaaar! I better leave as their are only a few of us left at work now, and the predator is picking off the slow ones. Where is Arni when you need him?
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I scared the shit out of me self when I got up this mourning, as I had not remembered abot thhe hair cut. You see, my flat mate Glenn offered to buzz cut my head. Under the influance of nothing but Ben and Jerries Ice cream I agreed. Once I figured out that the near-skinhead lurking in my bathroom was actualy me I was able to calm down. Happy belated 4:20 day everyone. If you don't know what that is, your normal and in this case thats most likely a good thing. Unless you are from Sooke, and then your not normal, but then being normal a Sooke person is a bad thing, so take your pick. Today marks the end of a four day weekend in which I did shit all. Under the circumstances I was pleased with doing nothing. Why do I always forget the funny shit that happend as I am about to type it. When I first started at my job there was a huge Kit-Kat Billboard asking us if we were tired of work. It's not the sight I really wanted for my first few weeks of my new job. Anyway, back to my weekend: My flat mates and I went to the Redback and proceeded to all get drunk at diffrent stages of the evening. I got wasted first which led to an attempted pool game on my part. Playing doubles with some Polish guy I had never met lead to our quick defeat. The fact that my partner in pool was trying to ride a skateboard at the same time may have been a countrubuting factor. By the time I sobered up, my flat mate had got herself really, really Sloshed and insisted I take her home. Man people tell you funny stuff when they are drunk. Been reading this persons blog at the momment. http://annecentral.blogspot.com/ I now see why other bloggers keep lists of who they read. I'm going to have to start my own list I guess.
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