Saturday, April 12, 2003

I'm going to get a digtal camera soon, I can feel it.

I put it this way for a reason. It's not somthing I wan't to do, as I really can't afford it, but I must. For my state of mind. Waiting till I have finnished an entire roll of film, then an extra week to get it processed is too much. And it's not that cheap. In fact a digtall will pay for itself after about 2 months I figure. Maybe I'll get s cheap D60 off of e-bay. I was looking at the stuff I shot with Undergo back in June and it was a lot better then I remembered it being. Plus all this writing (well, typing) with out any photographs is really not my style. My job is not creative enough to keep my mind ocupied, and I'm afrid my Shooting will stagnate if shooting 100 percent film all the time becomes too expensive. I think a ratio of 70% Digatal and 30% Film seems about right.

But it's a a real toss up 'cus I need a new lens for the Nikon (my current 35mm Film Camera is a Nikon 808s) as I'm stuck with a 24mm lens all my stuff is very Lanscapey or Very Journilistic. I love both styles, but I'm getting sick of 'em. So I need a 50mm fixed, or maybe even a 50-120mm. Ya, thats prolly more like it. Once I get a new lens I can broaden my shooting a bit more, shift into some true portrait style stuff, instead of all this "point-and-grab" stuff.

Till then the 24mm lens is perfect for the first pahse of my next project: The Tube.

more on that once I figure it out...
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Friday, April 11, 2003

I have the abbilty to place photos in this thing now, but I don't really have any scanned in, and I don't have access to digatal cameras at the momment. I'm having trouble getting into my Canadian FTP account, but I suspect this is either my employers fire wall, or my FTP host is refusing to let me in since it can tell i'm in the UK. If that's they case then heads will roll, as I'm pretty sure the bost abut "world wide avalibility" in their advertising. One of the secreteries at work is in an up and coming "Pop Group" An all girl band, of a style very popular in the UK right now. Anyway I have been asked to do their promotional photos after she saw some of my work. Sweet deal for me! Some one is going to pay for my film for the next few weeks, naaar! I better stop mucking around with this, Ashik is supossed to show up tonight, and we are going Drinking! Weeee! Till Monday...
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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Dream Weaver and I do not like each other. It is an illogical program. I want to link to a file on a local network drive but it refuses to from a link that works. It will let me link to files in Japan, Canada Russisa, China, Poland, France or Antarctica, but if I want to link to a file sitting less then 20 meters away in the server closet, it refuses to do it. Soon we are swithing to Mac OS 10.2.somthing and all my web-linking problems will be solved. The entire firm will be forced to use names with out slashes in them, which is what I suspect is casuing all my troubles today. I have been fighting with this thing for days, but I will soon prevail, oh yes I will be vic-rory-ious! One of my flat mates wants to go to the Slug and Lettuce tonight. I not really sure if that actualy a good idea, it's a crazy place... UPDATE: I'm leaving work an hour late due to printing problems, arrrg! I'm also hungery...food is my only option...
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A slight update to the Interface, very slight i hope...

This post is only here to allow me to publish the new code.
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Snow. It was snowing when I got up today. Just for the record I'm living in London. London England, not Onterio. It's not allowed to snow here, well, not in April anyway. Sean is leaving today, but Ashik turns up tommrow...I have'nt told my flat mates about that yet. Ashik leaves the next day anyway, then we get two day's off from Constent Canadain Dosers (people who crash at your place for a day or two) and then Sarah and Lindsay are back from amsterdam. I'm not sure how long they stay, but it;s getting kind of redicules. I love having them around and all, it's just that my flat mates are getting a little ticked...I am paying the most ren, but still.... I forgot to do yesterdays back-ups, but I told my boss that i just put the wrong tape in. He found it pretty funny, but I think he would have been pissed if he knew I actualy forgot compleatly.
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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Images Will come soon, Now it's off to the bus...

Or at least, oh well I'll plat with this tommrow...

Must remmber to get pictures/poster for wall in my flat....
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Well I have updated This to the code base I was testing in the other, unnamed blog!

It's almost the end of the work day so, a to do list:

-Do my Time Sheets before I leave
-E-mail a bunch of people tommrow
-Show Sean my recent work

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I'm back at work again, and my first action was to check my e-mail and then slog through the Novel sized communication from my mom. I have to finnish an update to an internal web-site, and then I should be free to play with this thing a bit more. In the name of Company research of course :)
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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Reading other peoples blogs off Blogger.com is a strange experiance... This post was realy just an excuse to say work is over, home to FooD! Shit, I forgot my wallet at home, I'll have to borrow a pound for the bus...
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Sean just called me. He missed his flight, at least he gets a few more days in London. I don't think my Flat Mates will be too impressed how ever... I have a tesg rig running at a diffrent address, once i get the kinks figured out, I plan on adding pictures. That should prevent any more cries of Cop-Out. 3 mins left in the work day and counting :)
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The Web's first regularly up-dated Cop-out Vol 1 ------------------------------------------------------------- The Flat was really full last night, 6 extra people! 3 of 'em were Sean, Sarah and Lindsay, 5 Canadians in one London flat is a rarity. Having guests stay really made the reality hit home that it's my place. Up till that point it just seemed like I was stay at a friends place, not someware I just singed a six month lease on. This mourning was adventures in bus time, as I took the bus to work for the first time, and I got the right one... More on this and other exciting adventures when I feel like it.
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Monday, April 07, 2003

Well I'm Still at work...no big surprise there. Just over an hour to go till escape. I need to figure out how to edit this blog template so it dose what I want it to do...adding pictures will, for me, be a big priority. I'm thinking about getting a digatal Camera of some sort, but it's a toss up between that, and getting a lens or two for the old Nikon. Instant web gratifacation vs. Long Term image qulity and added profesnial abbillity. Now that I typed that out, option number two makes more sense, at least in text form... The weathers nice again, but cold...
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Well, it was the Weekend of the End. And of the Start. The Meridian is pretty much closed down now, last night was the last offcial one that was open to the public, now it's just 4 or 5 people left I guess... I don't really know 'cus I spent the last two nights at my new flat. Yes that's right I have my own place, my "trip to england" has turned into a Bon-ifed case of "moving -out". In Other words I now Work 9:00-5:30, Monday to Friday, Own a mobile phone, I pay rent, Commute on public transport and have been known to "go for a pint after work with the lads". And all 'cus I was too hung-over to refuse a job. Well I guess that's what happens after a 5-day drinking binge :) Anna and Kirsty have prolly already left for Paris, the others have all moved out by today or are staying with "us". I guess A little info about the flat is in order: It's a 3 bedroom flat on Dawes road in the Fullham Area of London. It's good 10min walk to the Tube station, and we have a bus that goes stright into centrel London that leaves right outside our door. It would take about 20-25 mins to get to centrel London Via tube during off-peak, and about the same on the bus, but busses run all night, ware-as the tube shuts around 11:30. I have My own Room, Nichloe and Dion share a room, and Glen (kewi, ex night manager from the Hostel, currently Gardening) and Willy or Villie depnding who you ask share a room. Willy is huge, hence he works as a bouncer at a London Club, but he also Sub-lets 3 flats as a side thing. The reason he rents with us is because of "Lo-K-Shun, Mini-man" as he put it to me. I was hanging out at the Hostel Yesterday, mainly 'cus we raided it for everything we needed for our flat: Beds, Blankets, pillows, sheets, pots, pans, power-bars, stereos, clothes, toilet paper, the lot. In the middle of collecting my pillfered pile of stuff, Ashik called me out of the blue, He was in London and his plans for the night had fallen through. So we observed the brittish custom for friends that have not seen each other in 6 months or 6 mins. We went for a pint, and a game of pool. Since the Dawsons are currently in the Lake District for the weekend Ashik missed 'em. But he will be back in a week or so anyway. I'll update this later, I should really get some work done....
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