Sunday, September 21, 2003

Well, the Walk-About was a crazy time. My Flat mate was meeting up with some dude from work, but they were already pisssed as newts by the time we got there. A diffrint friend of Dions showed up so Dion was ocupied. Some Australian Girls appeared and some how I left the Bar with them, and ended up in a diffrint pub, the seconed one being in Acton. At the seconed place I had to break up a fight between the girls that had addopted me and some Spaninsh chicks that looked real mean. This is all a little hazy of course. In the mourning we all wnet for breakfest at this little crappy cafe, and about half way through the meal we discovered that no one knew each others names, so we re-interduced each other.

I always end up in Acton.

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