Saturday, September 06, 2003

My Parents just left. I won't see them again untill March. Crazy. But my brother is heading to France for a month or so. As a result he has left all the stuff he has no use for at my flat. It's not a bad hall either:

•A CD player thats much better then mine

•A Large set of headphones, nice Koss ones

•A set of knives (don't ask)

•An extra backpack

•A Longboard style skate board

I'm going to try testing the longboard as my new meathod of comuting to work. I can't wait to see the look on my co-workers faces when i rock up to work with that Monster.

But this is all part of many changes going on around my flat. Dion and Nicole, the couple that live in my flat are moving to Australia in November. Since they are on the lease, it means that I have to put Kirstan on the lease, set up a new bank account for the rent, and find someone(s) to rent the room. Crazy. I have also resolved to re-focus (no pun intended) my time into more photographic activites. The fisrt fruit of this is my mini-portfolio Click Me. Have a look if you feel like it.

in the short term I'm heading down to the Ile of White for a sailing race on thursday and friday. The whole thing is paid for by my work as it's a big PR event for the major players in the british construction industry. I've never raced as crew on a yhat before, so im a little nervous. At the very least it will be a good time to take some pictures.

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