Thursday, September 04, 2003

My Parental units are visiting england, with my brother in tow. Josh stayed at my flat for a few nights, while mom and dad stayed with my Dad's cousin just north of London (Yep, thems your parents Tom). My parents and brother headed down to Cornwall a few day later, with the plan being that I follow the next week due to my having to work.

Well, someone mentioned this thing to my parents, it may need to be moved now :)

I Just got back from the above mentioned 7 days holiday in Cornwall. I friggen needed it too. I got to see the sea for the first time in ages. In fact the train line down to Cornwall has this really crazy bit as it runs right along the edge of the ocean, and at the same time it passes through tunnels in the edge of the sea cliffs. My parents are in england, so they were already down in St. Ives with my brother and big chunk of the family. Surfing and making sand castles sure beats working in a polluted city any day. We also hit up a local bar, but that nights activites will be kept under wraps, to protect the "innocent". It did involve Pac-Man.

*My flatmate just asked me if many people can read this online. I said no of course. It's true really, not "many" people can see this online. After all, most of the worls population has not internet accesss. Of course, Congoleases goat heards are not really interested in what my flat mate is up to :)

After St. Ives, My Parents rented a car and we drove up to see some friends near Plymouth. On the way we stopped in at the Eden Project. The project is a large series of HUGE Geodesic Greenhouses built in an old abandonded China Clay pit. It's amazing, from an architectual standpoint if nothing else. My dad was more interestd in the plants of course. We stayed that night at the Cades (Hello Cades!), my parents ex-flat mates, and their three offspring, Jo, Charotte and Emily. Jo is the only person who is a crazier driver then my brother, and thats in his words. Wow Jo, I'm impressed! The Cades live on a farm, and this meant that they had (Drum Roll) BABY GUNEIA PIGS! They make really cool noises and eat grass just like normal one, but are only 1/3 the size!

Since I had to be back to work today, I jumped on a train at Plymouth and headed back up to London. Trains are fun.

My Laundry is done. I go now.

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