Wednesday, September 17, 2003

It sounds like my brother is having fun in France:
From View message header detailJosh o
Sent Tuesday, September 16, 2003 4:09 pm
To nobrain@shaw.ca
Subject weeee!

hey ror I just crashed a segway! the segway herder got really mad cause i escaped on it! Turns out if you go really fast and then try and stop on gravel they start tweakin out, and if you do it again, they slide out! Then they stop working alltogether. I got out of there.
I'm in Dijon, Mustard Capital of the Universe according to lonely planet. I met some guys from vancouver yesterday in Beaune! I'm trying to contact my friend Stephan from Germany, but I have to wait for everyone in Canada to wake up first... I'm another hour ahead of you here of course. How was the sailing?

Well I guess that just proves my theory that Josh will crash anything with wheels.

I went to bed last night to the sound of Bryan Adams. Yes, the Brittish Columbia Music "Artist" Bryan Adams. Why you ask? Well I have a new room mate. Makes sense you say? Well he is Spanish. Bryan Adams is one of the few Music Artists I don't like. If some one asked me for a list of things I do not like about Canada, Mr. Adams would be on the First page, right below the item that says Victoria City Police (For those of you not from the Island, Nazi Paratroops would be in the same catagory).

So it's a little twist of fate I think, that I, someone who avoided any Canadian room mates called Bryan "Just In Case", ended up with a Spanish roommate who worships the guy. To add insult to injury he asked me (ME!) to help him download lyrics for some of Mr. Adams more "popular" ballads as a, get this, "Good way to leanish the Langwish English." He Grinned with manic joy after he said this. Pardon me while I go throw my self in front of a historic double decker London bus. I may sound a little drastic to you, but you don't have to listen to your Spanish roomate not only learning to sing Bryan Adams in english. It would not be so bad if he had learned to sing in ANY language first.

Well I'm off to the store to get lunch, which "may" be a bit longer then normal, as my boss called in sick today.

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