Monday, September 08, 2003

I rode my brother’s Long board to work today. Judging by the looks on most people’s faces, they don’t get many long boarders in London :) It was kind of a joke really, but it actually got me to work a lot faster. Maybe it will become my normal from of Transport till Josh gets back from France.

On a more nerdish note, I have discovered the joy of programming HTML in a text editor. It’s so much cleaner then Dreamweaver’s code. At the moment I’m still just editing, but I plan to create a site in mostly pure text if I can. In a related discovery I have found that west coast punk music is the best kind to code to so far. I have not tried Ska music yet however, which I think might work even better.

England won the Fifth Test match against South Africa in Cricket. Yay.

I need to get new Shoes and I have been sneezing all day. It’s all this nice London air; it’s too much for me.

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