Monday, July 07, 2003

After I finnished drinking with the lads from work on friday:

In the process of trying to make my way home, I was walking down some small road, lined with fences. Two or three guys suddenly burst out through a broken fence pannel, and started running down the street. By the time the owner, who had been chasing them came out, I was level with the fence. He starts to freak out at me. I have had far too much to drink by this point to make my inoccence very clear. I argue with the guy for about 5 mins, and he is starting to calm down a bit. Then the police arrived. Now the daughter of the owner has come out and explains to her father that I can't possibly be the hooligins in question, because I'm far to short. But it's too late, the police officer, who is on exchange from Colombia(!!!) can't understand english very well, and arrests me anyway!

I get tossed in the back of a police van, and taken down to the station. My accent of course confuses them, and they ask me if I would like them to contact the Canadian Counslet, which takes me forever to expalin that the Canadain government can't help, cus I'm a Dual citizen.

A police docter claims that I'm not sober enough to be interveiwed, so they put me in a cell for the night. I'm not happy about this because I was supossed to be moving rooms the next mourning and my old room was in a total mess, so I knew my flatmate would be forced to clean it up, and move all my stuff for me.

I woke up in the mourning with the worst hangover I had ever had, thinking the previous night was a dream. Untill I opened my eyes, and realized I really had been arrested, and was now sitting in a jail cell. They fed my breakfest (thats right, I now belong to that really cool set of people who have actualy eaten prison food), then i got to meet my Lawyer, who turned out be a pretty nice guy, he had just finnished with an attempted aussalt case an hour before. The police had tried to convince me I would not need lawyer, but I insisted.

They police interveiwed me, then apoligized for arresting me, but they did give me a caution for being Drunk and Disorderly.

As soon as I left the police station I phoned my flat, and my insane flat mate demanded to know where I had been"

Me: "Hi, it's Rory"
Her: "Where the hell have you been, are you ok?"
Me: "Yes, I'm fine now."
Her: "I had to clean your friggen room, and move all your shit! You better have Died, Gotten Laid, or Been in Jail."
Me: "I was in jail."
Her: "That no excu...What?!?!"
Me: "I was aressted, I spent the night in Jail."
Her:"Oh, wow...what happened?"
Me:"I'll explain when I get home."

And thats my story.

Laura and Katy turn up today, which is all I need right now. Looking after my 15 year old cousin, and her friend is not my Idea of fun. At least my mom sent stuff for me with her, I just hope it's nothing that Her Majestys customs find offensive. After all, Lamberts don't have a very good record with UK Immagration at the momment :)

Oh ya, Timb, Samb, or Josh, not a word to my parents yet O.K. ? I'll tell them, but I'll wait untill after Laura is gone.

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