Monday, June 09, 2003

I felt like a frik’en real estate agent this weekend. Since Glen is leaving at the end of the month we had to find ourselves a new flat mate. This lead to me showing the flat to over 15 different people in one day! I should not really complain as we were looking for a female in order to balance out our mini-population. So guys (or girls) if you ever want to meet members of the opposite sex and have them provide their phone number to you of there own free will, just advertise a single room available for the gender of your choice :)

By the fourth girl I had the whole spiel memorized, the rent amount, the cost of the bond, which bills were included, who’s in what room. By the end of it I had gotten to the point where I could influence the candidates impression of the place with only a subtle re-wording of the same information. If she was not someone I wished to share the flat with I would mention that we have a washing machine dryer combination, but that the drying part only kind of works. If I liked them as a flat mate, I’d just call it a washing machine that has a drying “feature” that we don’t use much, ‘cus it does not completely dry the clothes.

A quick example table is in order:

Don’t like the person:
“We have a high-speed broadband internet connection with a static IP address.”
I like the person:
“We have a really fast internet connection.”
“I hope you like drinking. (Said with a crazy grin.)”
We go to the Redback every Sunday, and your welcome to come if you wish.”

Of course the first girl I showed around ended up taking the room.

But all this led to an interesting development. My Flat-mate Nicole has been putting her-self in charge of most of the financial runnings of the flat, and selling this loss of control to the rest of us because she feels she is the most experienced, which she is. Then she complains that the rest of us don’t help out enough. I kind of agreed with her at first, until we started looking for a new flatmate. It soon became obvious that it was not just her trying to be help full, but that she wanted things her way, and was not really ready to relinquish control. I’m not sure she even realizes she’s doing it, but it really started to get on my nerves. You see I have my own room and Glenn shares with Willy. Since Glenn was leaving and we had to get a new Flat mate anyway, Nicole asked if I would not mind sharing with Willy so she would not be the only girl in the flat. The £40 pounds off my rent a month was not going to hurt either, so I agreed. To cut a long winded Rory-Story short, she tried to hijack my efforts to rent the room out, which royally pissed me off.

Nicole showed the first few people around because she put Her e-mail address on the ad to rent My room. None of them seemed that interested. I showed the third Girl around only because Nicole was out when she came to look at the flat. The girl said she was very interested right away. After that I ended up showing everyone around because it was obvious I was a bit better at dealing with random people.

Also saw the Animatrix over the weekend. The Animation was top rate, but much like The Matrix Reloaded itself, the plot suffers at the expense of the visuals. However, the first movie was some of the best CG animation I have seen to date.

My mind is acting really strange on me at the moment, it’s just throwing out all these ideas and strategies that are un-related most of the stuff I’m doing in the real world. Not just crazy ideas like I’m used to either, more fully formed, with supporting reasons and techniques to back them up. And dreams. Dreams that are so life like they should be classified as Fucking grade A mind warping. I wonder if the precognition of my child hood has returned with a vengeance. If so the extra information is welcome, even if it’s nothing more then my brain chemistry’s equivalent of passing gas. If you remember William Gibson’s node theories, then this all kind of makes sense. I knew the end of the month was going to see some serious shifts for me, even with out my sub-conscious placing full-page spreads in the pages of my dreams.

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