Monday, April 07, 2003

Well, it was the Weekend of the End. And of the Start. The Meridian is pretty much closed down now, last night was the last offcial one that was open to the public, now it's just 4 or 5 people left I guess... I don't really know 'cus I spent the last two nights at my new flat. Yes that's right I have my own place, my "trip to england" has turned into a Bon-ifed case of "moving -out". In Other words I now Work 9:00-5:30, Monday to Friday, Own a mobile phone, I pay rent, Commute on public transport and have been known to "go for a pint after work with the lads". And all 'cus I was too hung-over to refuse a job. Well I guess that's what happens after a 5-day drinking binge :) Anna and Kirsty have prolly already left for Paris, the others have all moved out by today or are staying with "us". I guess A little info about the flat is in order: It's a 3 bedroom flat on Dawes road in the Fullham Area of London. It's good 10min walk to the Tube station, and we have a bus that goes stright into centrel London that leaves right outside our door. It would take about 20-25 mins to get to centrel London Via tube during off-peak, and about the same on the bus, but busses run all night, ware-as the tube shuts around 11:30. I have My own Room, Nichloe and Dion share a room, and Glen (kewi, ex night manager from the Hostel, currently Gardening) and Willy or Villie depnding who you ask share a room. Willy is huge, hence he works as a bouncer at a London Club, but he also Sub-lets 3 flats as a side thing. The reason he rents with us is because of "Lo-K-Shun, Mini-man" as he put it to me. I was hanging out at the Hostel Yesterday, mainly 'cus we raided it for everything we needed for our flat: Beds, Blankets, pillows, sheets, pots, pans, power-bars, stereos, clothes, toilet paper, the lot. In the middle of collecting my pillfered pile of stuff, Ashik called me out of the blue, He was in London and his plans for the night had fallen through. So we observed the brittish custom for friends that have not seen each other in 6 months or 6 mins. We went for a pint, and a game of pool. Since the Dawsons are currently in the Lake District for the weekend Ashik missed 'em. But he will be back in a week or so anyway. I'll update this later, I should really get some work done....

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