Thursday, April 10, 2003

Snow. It was snowing when I got up today. Just for the record I'm living in London. London England, not Onterio. It's not allowed to snow here, well, not in April anyway. Sean is leaving today, but Ashik turns up tommrow...I have'nt told my flat mates about that yet. Ashik leaves the next day anyway, then we get two day's off from Constent Canadain Dosers (people who crash at your place for a day or two) and then Sarah and Lindsay are back from amsterdam. I'm not sure how long they stay, but it;s getting kind of redicules. I love having them around and all, it's just that my flat mates are getting a little ticked...I am paying the most ren, but still.... I forgot to do yesterdays back-ups, but I told my boss that i just put the wrong tape in. He found it pretty funny, but I think he would have been pissed if he knew I actualy forgot compleatly.

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