Thursday, April 17, 2003

Sarah and Lindsay have left now. Well i guess thay are actualy waiting for their flight at heathrow at the momment. The flat is going to seem so empty with out ANY dosers whatsoever, and Dion away in Oz. But! Today is the begining of a Four Day weekend! However... Money: I'm really starting to hate it. Well postel Money Orders to be exact. Now one can cash them! I've been into 4 diffent post offices and each one sends me to a slightly bigger Post Office which they swear will be able to cash my Meeger amount. The Problem is I need that money, as I'm going to france with my company next Friday. With out this Money order I'm going to be dead broke in a forgian Countrey with a Semi-Valid Passport. Well, my passport is fine, it's just the wrong one. You when they ask what i have been in france for I'll have to Lie, or say that I have been on a trip with my office, at which point due to the fact that i am carrying a Canadian Passport they are going to ask where my work Visa is. That's not a good thing, for I don't have one. And Technicly I don't need one, 'cus I'm a brittish Citizen. But all I have is my UK birth Certifict. I'm sure with a little time with Her Majaestys nice customs officers will set things right. But even though I know it will just take a Little Bit of talking, my work is going to start asking questions about why customs was asking me questions. I really don't feel like explaining the whole situation to two groups of people who can have a negetive effect on my wages just 'csu they don't like my story, even if it's legit. That is all.

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