Saturday, April 12, 2003

I'm going to get a digtal camera soon, I can feel it.

I put it this way for a reason. It's not somthing I wan't to do, as I really can't afford it, but I must. For my state of mind. Waiting till I have finnished an entire roll of film, then an extra week to get it processed is too much. And it's not that cheap. In fact a digtall will pay for itself after about 2 months I figure. Maybe I'll get s cheap D60 off of e-bay. I was looking at the stuff I shot with Undergo back in June and it was a lot better then I remembered it being. Plus all this writing (well, typing) with out any photographs is really not my style. My job is not creative enough to keep my mind ocupied, and I'm afrid my Shooting will stagnate if shooting 100 percent film all the time becomes too expensive. I think a ratio of 70% Digatal and 30% Film seems about right.

But it's a a real toss up 'cus I need a new lens for the Nikon (my current 35mm Film Camera is a Nikon 808s) as I'm stuck with a 24mm lens all my stuff is very Lanscapey or Very Journilistic. I love both styles, but I'm getting sick of 'em. So I need a 50mm fixed, or maybe even a 50-120mm. Ya, thats prolly more like it. Once I get a new lens I can broaden my shooting a bit more, shift into some true portrait style stuff, instead of all this "point-and-grab" stuff.

Till then the 24mm lens is perfect for the first pahse of my next project: The Tube.

more on that once I figure it out...

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