Thursday, April 03, 2003

I Set up a weblog at work while I was sopossed to be working, how typical of me. I have less then an hour of work left now, so I'm burning CD's for People from the Hostel. Am I a good employee or what? The Meridains's inpending death is really obvious now. If the place was not a dump before, it sure is now. If you but a glass down on a counter for more then 10 mins it "fuses" in place. Forks are a rare and valuable item. Everyone is jumping ship. I'm going to moving to a Flt in the Fullham area if everything goes well. I Moving out with Dion an Aussi and Nicole a Canadain, from Victoria. Dion was the Manager of the hostel (still is tilll next week) and Nicole is his girllfriend. They both lived at the hostel. For the people back home: Sarah and Lindsay are staying with me at the hostel, and have been since friday. The Leave tommrow to go hiking in the Peak Disctrict (northen England). The plan to Visit a friend of theirs who they used to work at the Vet Clinic with. If all goes to plan they come back Monday night and then Fly to Amsterdam for a bit, and the Come Back to england again! Then it's off to India for them.

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