Friday, April 11, 2003

I have the abbilty to place photos in this thing now, but I don't really have any scanned in, and I don't have access to digatal cameras at the momment. I'm having trouble getting into my Canadian FTP account, but I suspect this is either my employers fire wall, or my FTP host is refusing to let me in since it can tell i'm in the UK. If that's they case then heads will roll, as I'm pretty sure the bost abut "world wide avalibility" in their advertising. One of the secreteries at work is in an up and coming "Pop Group" An all girl band, of a style very popular in the UK right now. Anyway I have been asked to do their promotional photos after she saw some of my work. Sweet deal for me! Some one is going to pay for my film for the next few weeks, naaar! I better stop mucking around with this, Ashik is supossed to show up tonight, and we are going Drinking! Weeee! Till Monday...

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