Thursday, April 10, 2003

Dream Weaver and I do not like each other. It is an illogical program. I want to link to a file on a local network drive but it refuses to from a link that works. It will let me link to files in Japan, Canada Russisa, China, Poland, France or Antarctica, but if I want to link to a file sitting less then 20 meters away in the server closet, it refuses to do it. Soon we are swithing to Mac OS 10.2.somthing and all my web-linking problems will be solved. The entire firm will be forced to use names with out slashes in them, which is what I suspect is casuing all my troubles today. I have been fighting with this thing for days, but I will soon prevail, oh yes I will be vic-rory-ious! One of my flat mates wants to go to the Slug and Lettuce tonight. I not really sure if that actualy a good idea, it's a crazy place... UPDATE: I'm leaving work an hour late due to printing problems, arrrg! I'm also hungery...food is my only option...

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