Monday, April 14, 2003

Compleatly underestimating the drying time of my garments led to a slightly soggy start to my work day this morning. It's monday, I'm back at work and my clothes are mostly dry now. Yes, I miss timed when I should have done my laundery this weekend. Next time i'll make sure it's all done before I go to The Redback. After showing Ashik Hyde park and speakers corner I changed my mind about my plans to get a bike in order to get to work. I'm thinking i'm going to get roller blades instead. Blades match my transport needs almost excactly. For getting to work they are perfect as I can take backstreets most of the way, so traffic is not an issue or a danger. I tend to take the tube often, and you can't take a bike on the Underground. So with my London underground photo project, 'blades make a lot of sense. Plus locking a bike up is a pain in the ass, and there is a very high chance it will be stolen in this city anyway. where as I can just bung blades into a backpack. London has a lack of off-road areas, and it's very flat, perfect roller-bladeing. The Big event this weekend: Christy (An Ex-Hostel mate currently staying at our place untill her flat is avalible, [for the people back home]) had a hair dying horror, and ended up paying £80 to get it fixed. It took the hair dresser 3 hours to repair the damage caused by the miss-use of a £10 bottle of hair dye. On Saturday, we all went and Visted the other Meridan flat, which ended up being only a 5 min walk away! Sweet! It's pretty big and has it's own back-yard. It's already the "party-Flat", and will only get more crazy as Englands excuse for a summer gets closer. The Roll Call for the Ex-Meridain residents flats: Flat 1 (Fullham area, boardering on Hammersmith. It's on the Second floor by brittish standerds) Dion, Nicole, Rory (me!) and Glen. Plus Willy, a former resident. Flat 2 (Hammersmith, about 5 mins from Flat 1. It's more of a house really, 'tis very large) Rochelle, Liz, Matt, Brom, Kristy, Lee-Ann and Dave and Mike. Plus Kersty and Anna since they escaped from Paris and are dosing till they leave for thair trip. Flat 3 (Acton Town. about 10 mins walk from The Redback) All the girls from flat 3 are staying at flat 1 until their place is avalible.) Christy, Misty, Mandy and Brendon. Plus Two former rezidents Derral and soem other guy. The Others: The other Rory and Kirky are on medical trials Eugen and Anthony are thought to be staying at Ayres Rock hostel. Jasenta went home. Big Dan is staying at Beaver's place I think Julie-Ann now lives in Cambridge, and has a nice teaching job Kat is working at the Ship Pub, and is living with her boyfriend untill they move to spain at the end of the month, but don't tell her work that :) Anna-Bell moved before the hostel ended, and it looks loke Holly and Hennery will move in to her Battersea flat as well. The others either moved before they new the place was closing or I don't know ware they ended up.

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