Sunday, September 26, 2004

All New Blog 

This blog is going in-active while I'm in europe as I've switched to posting on my travel blog at http://on-location.blogspot.com/ or www.rorylambert.com

They are both the same page.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I can Post Via e-mail 


This means that this is a WAY more likely method of me keeping my travels
up to date, if/when I go to Europe!

It also means more spelling mistakes, oh well.

That is all.

"..Elvis has left the Balham." 

Thats right boys and girls, I've had to leave Balham. As a result, I've got a new place in West Brompton/Earls Court. I've come full circle now in this fair city.

I think this is all for the best though. I'm actualt glad to be back in the area, I can now get those reall good triple chochlet cookies from Tesco, wooot!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


This is a test post
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I've ditched my custom template just for a week or two, in order to fix a bug with the archiving code. This means the page load time will not be massive like before.

Balham (my new home brough) is treating me well. I've also now joined the ranks of England's comuters, as I traval to work via train now! Oooooooh!

Last weekend was an experiance, but it was outside the scope of this page, sorry. I make it sound a lot more interesting then it really was, but some people would be surprised, because I was.

I need a bike. One with at least two wheels, if possible.
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Sunday, April 04, 2004

4th of the 4th of the 2000 and 4th. Oh, and I've moved too 

Check the date. Nice huh?

I thought it was cool anyway...I've almost finished moving House which has been a hectic experience to say the least, but it had to be done. More details on m new digs, and the adventures to get there will be forth coming as soon as I get an internet connection in some form (no DSL or broadband in my area now, poop)

One more bag of garbage and then I'll feel like I've done what I came to do.
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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Nothing to see here folks 

Move along, just playing with my template.

No, that is not a rude statement; You may exit gutter now.

EDIT: Note to me, check out The Doves, good tunes?

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Monday, March 15, 2004

"...The Ides of march." 

An e-mail that says it all anyway, so I'll just post it:

Hi Jess! Thanks for the birthday e-mail!

Well, I spent the first few hours of my 21st year on the fine planet, sitting in Charring Cross Hospital. Sunday night my flatmate Steve (the British welder) was vomiting so badly that he was throwing up blood. I dragged him down to Emergency after he complained that he could not feel his limbs. After a few hours in A&E it was discovered that he had torn his stomach lining. Excessive Alcohol consumption is the most likely cause, though one of the doctors herself thought that food poisoning may be a factor.

The up shot was that I did not get home until 5:00am this morning, and had to get up for work at 8:00am. What a way to start a birthday. My weekend was nothing special to begin with.

Friday: Went drinking with some guys from work. Embossed myself with my drunken antics in front of the Girls who live downstairs. Locking ones self out of ones own flat is not considered cool anymore I guess.

Saturday I was not able to keep up while drinking shots, this did nothing to improve my coolness with the random group of Aussies I was drinking with.

Sunday: Still drunk from the previous night out, decided to attend the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham palace. The Guards played the Spanish national anthem to honour those killed in the Madrid bombings on March the 11th.

And Sunday night was just as fun as I described above, though my other flatmate Kerstin and I went out for dinner and had Irish stew.

As far as my return to Canada…well I want to, but it would be complicated, and cost a lot of money. If I hold of till the summer, or September I’ll be able to have money for collage/Uni or to travel Europe with. Heck you should grab a Holiday working visa and get your ass over here. One of my flatmates works as a Swimming teacher, and I’m sure he could help you get a Life guarding job.

Anyway, work is over so I’m signing off.

I’ll send you some pictures once I get the chance too.

Oh ya, I’m posting this e-mail in my web-log, so if you want to read the rest of my adventures head on over to www.in-real-time.blogspot.com


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Thursday, March 11, 2004

365 sleeps and counting... 

Today I have been working at the same company for a one whole year. This has never happend to me before. Wow, sort of Zero to Hero...or Hero to Zero depending on your point of view.

I have also been doing dishes for the last hour.

I'm not sure if those two paragraphs are related, but they are both true.

End of the month means end of the lease. Thats one more 365 count ticked off.

If all goes to plan, I've only got 182.5 days left in London. Actually, if I really pull off the "plan" then I'll not BE IN London, I'll be based in London. I've got a lot of holidays owed to me, and I'm planning to take some that are not even owed to me. I can turn London from my lair, to my launch pad.

So the next flat will be the Gateway to Europe as well as the place where my flatmates don't do the dishes.

Wow, the pro-found-o meter just flew across the room and hit a chair.
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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Things not to do in London 

Watching Dawsons Creek in a London flat, while surfing the net in nothing but a towel really fucks with your head.

Yankee fiction and british reality really don't mix.

The comment code is broken, I can blame no one but myself.

I'd list all the things that I should be doing instead of this, but then I'd be productive in some way. I can't let that happen.
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Friday, March 05, 2004

Untitled: The Movie 

Warning: This Web-Log will look a little strange over the next week or so as I mess around with the code. I’ve cought the dreaded HTML/CSS bug that effects people who notice that tons of other blogs look just like theirs. More on that later.

Well the boss came back to work today, but he still seems pretty messed up from the food poisining/virus.

Of course I was feeling about the same as he was, but for self induced reasons. I keep forgetting that drinking the night before work is a BAD idea. But after a couple of weeks the memory of feeling like utter crap all day, and trying to act professional, well, it fades.

The Polish people are still hear, and the are becoming braver about breaking out the English when they need too. Not that they have a huge amount with which to bust a move conversationally, but it’s still a heck of a lot more then I can do in Polish, so who am I to complain.

One good thing did come from my drinking session last night. In the last bar of the night I ended up meeting some guy who owns his own internet search company, in the bathroom of all places. Anyway, he gave me his card and said I should think about doing some consulting work for him. I’ll probably never do anything about it, but its nice to get a random job offer next to the commode. Kind of puts life in perspective.

Flat wise things are looking up. A guy at work has bought a new place, and has offered to put in A good word for me to the letting agent of the place he rents now. It’s not even a flat, but a 3 bedroom house. Space is a luxury I have done without for the past year.

Instead of doing any work today I switched this very web-log over to a custom template, with embedded CSS. I stole some of the CSS from Bluerobot.com, and then heavily modified it to work with the Blogger’s own code. I still have a way to go until all the colours and layout are right, but I’m still proud that it’s my own code being used, instead of my words being injected into someone else’s template. Once I get the hang of CSS by hacking around in this blog, then I think I’ll be ready to tackle the task of creating my own portfolio online. I already own the domain (www.myfullname.com for those who are interested) I need.

In fact, I might end up hosting the blog on my own website, if I can find away to update it via the web. My be I can setup a script that sucks the HTML stright from blogger, parses out all the blogger code and adverts, and then re-posts it to my website. That has several advantages:

1. The blog would be hosted at two locations at once, in case of failure.
2. I can still use bloggers web interface to update my blog from anywhere in the world with out the need for an FTP program.
3. Features not possible in blogger could be added when I create them.
4. Hosting your own and rolling rolling your own code adds ‘leet hax0r credit.

Well, that’s a lot of text, and not much substance.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Great Lint Monster and other tales from the city 

Ah, London. Such a strange, fast paced city.

I was rear-ended on my way to work this morning. A normal enough thing to happen I guess, but the thing is, I walk to work. No cars were involved. I slowed down to look both ways before crossing the street and WAM; she ploughed straight into the back of me! After demonstrating what I will call the verbal equivalent of beeping ones horn, she was off again at top speed. If she had had a licence number painted on her ass, I would have reported her for dangerous…walking.

I was already late for work having miss placed one of my shoes, which turned out to be underneath the Polish girl sleeping in our lounge room. Under the Polish girl, always the last place you look. The reason for the Polish people in the lounge (Three in total) is that they are friends of my Polish roommates cousin’s girlfriend. I’d provide a diagram, but I’m still confused. All I know is that it’s the most distant connection leading to people staying with us ever.

However, I do not blame our pleasant Polish parasites for my late arrival at work. No, my other flat mate Steve provided the first hurdle in my journey to work. This is where the tale gests even more long winded:

Steve has a new job working the night shift as a welder for the London Underground. But judging from the state of the shower this morning, I don’t think he was doing much welding last night. From the looks of things he must have been tasked with hunting down and killing the dreaded Lint-Fluff beast that lurks in only the darkest tunnels of the tube network. This is the only reason I can think of for the fuzzy grey crap that was stuck to every surface in the shower. The Lint-Fluff beast must also live on a diet of glue, for it took ten minutes for me to remove enough of its remains for to even try showering.

To top it all off, once I got to work, I learned that my boss is still off sick with food poisoning, the third day in a row now. This leaves me the sole IT ninja for the entire office, and removes most of the goof off time I was going to put to good use finding a new place to live. My lease runs out in less then four weeks, so I’m hoping my boss gets his immune system in gear soon.

How ever, I’m having a really good time, all this crazyness is much better then the un-interesting weeks that made up late January to Mid-February. It’s been getting better since I had a two part Canadian invasion. First Sam, a distant family friend, then Andi, a member of the clan Argast and sister to the Famous Tim with a B. I’d never seen Steve so well behaved, nice going Andi ;)

Now my main task is to get my passport sorted out, and then I’m ready for as much lint as life sends me.

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

At long last, a post 

I'm sick of HTML and websites. Alll I have been doing over the last two weeks is updating the company website. Constant changes, updates, and modifcations. At least I got to post the staff shots I was asked to shoot.

My boss is going down hill. He got a new computer and now he thinks he is "The Shit". It's quite funny. I'm guessing his new self image is the reason he has installed his new screensaver. How ever, I'm not sure that a realistic simulation of South Park's Mr. Hanky the Christmass Poo (with a "leave Poo Trail" option!) is a good choice for the IT Manager. He seems to like it, so who am I to tell him that the admin girls are getting a little nervous of the glee a singing turd seems to bring him.

A lot of my friends that were on working Visa's are leaving, as they only last two years. The people that are left are mostly dual nationals like me. There are upsides though, like leaving parties. Also, spring time brings the new people, young, inexperianced ex-pats who have never been to The Redback, or the slug. Australians, Kiwi's and Cunucks that have never been to The Church on a sunday (no, not church, The Church he he he).
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Thursday, January 29, 2004

A slightly melted post 

All the snow melted, but I got some pictures before it was all gone.

I changed my mattress. This may effect my life more then you think. My old mattress was so lumpy that if I am ever captured and tourtured for months, I will not crack, as anything the goverment agents (It will be govenrment agents, I can just feel it) do to me will not match the pain and suffering my mattress has inflicted on me over the last few months.

The fact that I did not change it before now says somthing about the levels of procrastation I can reach.

I need the sleep too, I've a heavy weekend coming.

To be fair to my former tourmentor, my sleeping arrangments have not been the only reason for my lack of rest. I have become addicted to:

[Drum Roll]

An online encyclopedia called Wikipedia.

Not only is all the text Copyleft, it can be edited by ANYONE, and the engine behind it all is OpenSource to boot.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

It's snowing in London! 

Yes, strange but true!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

A new member of the Family, and a Visit from the "Fluff" 

Well, I have a new faltmate again, as my room mate Pascaule moved out last Thursday.

The new guy is Polish, and he is insanely tall. Non of us have been able to figure out how to say his name yet as he pronounces it in a new way each time. This leads to some really funny conversations were everyone avoids saying each others name for as long as possible.

What ever his name is, he works at the local pool. So I'm now in a position of being able to go swimming, or use the gym for free. I'm trying to convince myself to start swimming once or twice a week, and now I have no excuse not to. Weather I actually start or not is still up in the air.

Two days before He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named moved in, we had someone "break in-to" our flat. The reason that it's in "quotes" is 'cus it was not really a break in. My flatmate Steve was lying in bead with his girlfriend around mid day (Did I mention that Steve is out of work and owes me a months rent?) when some one opened the door to his room, grinned maniacally at Steve, grabbed Steve's girlfriend's trousers and ran off. Steve tried run after him, but since he (Steve) was naked he settled calling the thiefs personal, and sexual practices into question in a vigorous manor.

Steve claims the guy forced his way in, but I'm pretty sure its a case of Steve going out for a smoke, leaving the Window open on the landing, and leaving our flat door open. Steve claimed the window was locked, till I pointed out that the landlord had replaced the downstairs door (i.e. Not our flat's door) Dead bolt only TWO DAYS before!

Ah, flatmates...

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

A MUSE'ing band 

Just picked up MUSE's new album, and it is fantastic!

I was not sure weather it would be worth it at first, but I needed an excuse to get out of the flat for a bit, so I walked over to fulham broadway. In fact one of MUSE's members is on virginradio right now, so I'm listening to it via the interweb while I type this.

While on my quest for MUSE's album, I ran across a fantastic book of Photography about altered landscapes. One chapter is on Shipbreaking in Bangladesh, which I've been fasinated by since seeing a National Geographic article on the subject. Turns out the photographer is Canadian.

Supper tonight should be good, i picked up a whole bunch of fresh food yesterday, as i was running low. I need to call a bunch of people, as I have developed a fear of dialing phone numbers. I'm fine once the phone starts ringing, and If people call me i'm ok, but if I have to call people it is just really hard to go through the motion of dialing their number. I have no idea why this, I hope its temporery. In fact, I hope it's diet related, then I would have even more reason to start eating healthy.

Off to the kitchen with me!
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Thursday, January 08, 2004

I guess titles do work now... 

With a little bit of fiddleing I managed to get this blog to use bloggers title code. This was harder then I thought, as my blog template was a blogger free-bee that was designed to work when titles were a Paid-Only option, and thus my template did not have the code. I'm used to tables, so screwing around with CSS code was a little tricky for me.

Well enough about me teaching my HTML new tricks, on to the Stupid-things-so-far list:

•My flatmate is out of work, he claims it's only for a week, but I'm not happy 'cus he owes me a months rent!!!

•I went to the pub last night, not a good idea 'cus at work the next day I felt like...like I had gone to the pub the night before. That Is Bad.

•As per my previously mentioned patronage of a local alcholic beveradge selling point, I sent some VERY drunken e-mails to people last night, and am now waiting for the replys with 2 parts fear and 1 part pure interest, as I have no idea who I sent what to.

•I have no Idea what time it is as my computer clock is not correct. I suspect the U.S. Department of home land in-security, they have a thing against people knowing more then they do.

•I'm using bullets as a method of avoiding writing paragraphs that follow any sort of rules.

•I want my house keys back.
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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Titles dont work 

I'm leaving massive gaps in this thing.

Too mush to write about so I'll go point by point in no form of order:

•Got a new Camera.

•The company has hired lots of new people.

•Two of my flatmates moved to Oz.

•There replacement, The Welder, is Crazy.

•The "gap" in the blog is not of any reason, it just is.

•My landlord and I are not getting on very well.

•Shit is really messed up, but not in a deep way, just surface currents running in cross paths.

A new blog may be needed for a new project. I am going to have to do some more thinking on this. I hope the project will be what I intend: A way to counter my growing discontent with living in London. To be fair, it's city life, not London City life that I am having issues with.
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Thursday, September 25, 2003

My Borther is here. He arrived on Monday 'cus france had no grapes that neeeded picking. Work is far to crazy at the momment, so I'm behind on my e-mail.
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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Well, the Walk-About was a crazy time. My Flat mate was meeting up with some dude from work, but they were already pisssed as newts by the time we got there. A diffrint friend of Dions showed up so Dion was ocupied. Some Australian Girls appeared and some how I left the Bar with them, and ended up in a diffrint pub, the seconed one being in Acton. At the seconed place I had to break up a fight between the girls that had addopted me and some Spaninsh chicks that looked real mean. This is all a little hazy of course. In the mourning we all wnet for breakfest at this little crappy cafe, and about half way through the meal we discovered that no one knew each others names, so we re-interduced each other.

I always end up in Acton.
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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Planning on going to the walk-about for the night. I've not gone drinking in Hammersmith since I worked there in January. Could be interesting.

Played Darts in a pub last night with workmates. Very English :)

I've had too much Dark Chochlet today. I'm all wired.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

It sounds like my brother is having fun in France:
From View message header detailJosh o
Sent Tuesday, September 16, 2003 4:09 pm
To nobrain@shaw.ca
Subject weeee!

hey ror I just crashed a segway! the segway herder got really mad cause i escaped on it! Turns out if you go really fast and then try and stop on gravel they start tweakin out, and if you do it again, they slide out! Then they stop working alltogether. I got out of there.
I'm in Dijon, Mustard Capital of the Universe according to lonely planet. I met some guys from vancouver yesterday in Beaune! I'm trying to contact my friend Stephan from Germany, but I have to wait for everyone in Canada to wake up first... I'm another hour ahead of you here of course. How was the sailing?

Well I guess that just proves my theory that Josh will crash anything with wheels.

I went to bed last night to the sound of Bryan Adams. Yes, the Brittish Columbia Music "Artist" Bryan Adams. Why you ask? Well I have a new room mate. Makes sense you say? Well he is Spanish. Bryan Adams is one of the few Music Artists I don't like. If some one asked me for a list of things I do not like about Canada, Mr. Adams would be on the First page, right below the item that says Victoria City Police (For those of you not from the Island, Nazi Paratroops would be in the same catagory).

So it's a little twist of fate I think, that I, someone who avoided any Canadian room mates called Bryan "Just In Case", ended up with a Spanish roommate who worships the guy. To add insult to injury he asked me (ME!) to help him download lyrics for some of Mr. Adams more "popular" ballads as a, get this, "Good way to leanish the Langwish English." He Grinned with manic joy after he said this. Pardon me while I go throw my self in front of a historic double decker London bus. I may sound a little drastic to you, but you don't have to listen to your Spanish roomate not only learning to sing Bryan Adams in english. It would not be so bad if he had learned to sing in ANY language first.

Well I'm off to the store to get lunch, which "may" be a bit longer then normal, as my boss called in sick today.
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Sailing Adventures 

The "I" key is not working very well on this keyboard plus I'm a bit lazy right now so I am posting part of an e-mail I sent my mom:

I had a great time Sailing on the Isle of Wight. We drove down on Thursday and went out on the boat that afternoon for a Practice Race. The weather was not so good, but it was high wind, to the boat was pretty fast. My job was to un-clip and clip support wires for the mast every time we tacked. It's not very hard, but it did mean I had to run up and down the back of the boat at the very point when the deck is most tilted. Unlike the Longboats I'm used to, the race boat we were on has almost no sides to it Wich is why I was picked, because I'm used to running about on a boat thats tilting and rocking.

After the race we docked the boat in Cowes Marina, were all the race boats were docked. My co-workers tell me that it's tradition for the lightest member of the team to be hoisted up the mast. I learned later that it normally takes a lot of peer pressure to get the "victum" to agree to this. Once the victem reaches the top, the team of course walks off, leaving the poor person stranded up the mast cursing their work mates while the entire marina (Filled with over 250 boats) watches. Every year a diffrent excuse is used to encourage the person to agree to be hoisted up the mast. In my case I was asked to take the team photograph from the mast. So I harnesed up and went up the mast, with my camera.

I suspected they were up to somthing from the start, so I decided to have a little fun with them. Once I got to the top, I took my time taking the pictures, yelling for tmy team to move this way and that "..to get you all in frame." Then I took some pictures of the harbour, as the view is pretty good from 55ft up. Just to toy with them more I then yelled down that I was going to un-hook my harness to get a better angle for a photo. They decided to bring me down very quickly after that. I didn't tell anyone I was a climber untill later that night. The Managing Director of the company almost choked on his drink with laughter when he was told about the anual gag back-firing.

That night dinner was served a huge tent with all the teams in it. We moved onto the pub after dinner, which was pretty funny. Half the pub was filled with super rich people who knew nothing about sailing, but sure talked the talk. The other half were locals that pertend they are in the construction industry to see how long they can string these weekend warriors along. Both sides get drunker and drunker as the night progreses. At one point a group of four people I was talking with all realized they were pertending to be industry people at the same time.

The next day was the main race, and the water was packed with tons of boats. The racing was fun, but the wind was pretty light, so speeds were very low.

To cut a long story short, it was a great event, and I really want to go sailing right now!

But I'll go to bed instead, as its late, and my flat mate wants to use the computer.
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Monday, September 08, 2003

I rode my brother’s Long board to work today. Judging by the looks on most people’s faces, they don’t get many long boarders in London :) It was kind of a joke really, but it actually got me to work a lot faster. Maybe it will become my normal from of Transport till Josh gets back from France.

On a more nerdish note, I have discovered the joy of programming HTML in a text editor. It’s so much cleaner then Dreamweaver’s code. At the moment I’m still just editing, but I plan to create a site in mostly pure text if I can. In a related discovery I have found that west coast punk music is the best kind to code to so far. I have not tried Ska music yet however, which I think might work even better.

England won the Fifth Test match against South Africa in Cricket. Yay.

I need to get new Shoes and I have been sneezing all day. It’s all this nice London air; it’s too much for me.

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Saturday, September 06, 2003

My Parents just left. I won't see them again untill March. Crazy. But my brother is heading to France for a month or so. As a result he has left all the stuff he has no use for at my flat. It's not a bad hall either:

•A CD player thats much better then mine

•A Large set of headphones, nice Koss ones

•A set of knives (don't ask)

•An extra backpack

•A Longboard style skate board

I'm going to try testing the longboard as my new meathod of comuting to work. I can't wait to see the look on my co-workers faces when i rock up to work with that Monster.

But this is all part of many changes going on around my flat. Dion and Nicole, the couple that live in my flat are moving to Australia in November. Since they are on the lease, it means that I have to put Kirstan on the lease, set up a new bank account for the rent, and find someone(s) to rent the room. Crazy. I have also resolved to re-focus (no pun intended) my time into more photographic activites. The fisrt fruit of this is my mini-portfolio Click Me. Have a look if you feel like it.

in the short term I'm heading down to the Ile of White for a sailing race on thursday and friday. The whole thing is paid for by my work as it's a big PR event for the major players in the british construction industry. I've never raced as crew on a yhat before, so im a little nervous. At the very least it will be a good time to take some pictures.
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Thursday, September 04, 2003

My Parental units are visiting england, with my brother in tow. Josh stayed at my flat for a few nights, while mom and dad stayed with my Dad's cousin just north of London (Yep, thems your parents Tom). My parents and brother headed down to Cornwall a few day later, with the plan being that I follow the next week due to my having to work.

Well, someone mentioned this thing to my parents, it may need to be moved now :)

I Just got back from the above mentioned 7 days holiday in Cornwall. I friggen needed it too. I got to see the sea for the first time in ages. In fact the train line down to Cornwall has this really crazy bit as it runs right along the edge of the ocean, and at the same time it passes through tunnels in the edge of the sea cliffs. My parents are in england, so they were already down in St. Ives with my brother and big chunk of the family. Surfing and making sand castles sure beats working in a polluted city any day. We also hit up a local bar, but that nights activites will be kept under wraps, to protect the "innocent". It did involve Pac-Man.

*My flatmate just asked me if many people can read this online. I said no of course. It's true really, not "many" people can see this online. After all, most of the worls population has not internet accesss. Of course, Congoleases goat heards are not really interested in what my flat mate is up to :)

After St. Ives, My Parents rented a car and we drove up to see some friends near Plymouth. On the way we stopped in at the Eden Project. The project is a large series of HUGE Geodesic Greenhouses built in an old abandonded China Clay pit. It's amazing, from an architectual standpoint if nothing else. My dad was more interestd in the plants of course. We stayed that night at the Cades (Hello Cades!), my parents ex-flat mates, and their three offspring, Jo, Charotte and Emily. Jo is the only person who is a crazier driver then my brother, and thats in his words. Wow Jo, I'm impressed! The Cades live on a farm, and this meant that they had (Drum Roll) BABY GUNEIA PIGS! They make really cool noises and eat grass just like normal one, but are only 1/3 the size!

Since I had to be back to work today, I jumped on a train at Plymouth and headed back up to London. Trains are fun.

My Laundry is done. I go now.
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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Titles work 

Dam, Solo on a saturday night.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

I wonder if anyone will ever read this thing again.

There is a massive power failure on the eastern portion of north amarica, dam :)

Off to work I go.
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Well I guess the Photoblog will be started Soon.

I think I'll start a Blogg for Pictures only. I wonder what Sort of formating I can pull off.

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A test:

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Monday, July 07, 2003

After I finnished drinking with the lads from work on friday:

In the process of trying to make my way home, I was walking down some small road, lined with fences. Two or three guys suddenly burst out through a broken fence pannel, and started running down the street. By the time the owner, who had been chasing them came out, I was level with the fence. He starts to freak out at me. I have had far too much to drink by this point to make my inoccence very clear. I argue with the guy for about 5 mins, and he is starting to calm down a bit. Then the police arrived. Now the daughter of the owner has come out and explains to her father that I can't possibly be the hooligins in question, because I'm far to short. But it's too late, the police officer, who is on exchange from Colombia(!!!) can't understand english very well, and arrests me anyway!

I get tossed in the back of a police van, and taken down to the station. My accent of course confuses them, and they ask me if I would like them to contact the Canadian Counslet, which takes me forever to expalin that the Canadain government can't help, cus I'm a Dual citizen.

A police docter claims that I'm not sober enough to be interveiwed, so they put me in a cell for the night. I'm not happy about this because I was supossed to be moving rooms the next mourning and my old room was in a total mess, so I knew my flatmate would be forced to clean it up, and move all my stuff for me.

I woke up in the mourning with the worst hangover I had ever had, thinking the previous night was a dream. Untill I opened my eyes, and realized I really had been arrested, and was now sitting in a jail cell. They fed my breakfest (thats right, I now belong to that really cool set of people who have actualy eaten prison food), then i got to meet my Lawyer, who turned out be a pretty nice guy, he had just finnished with an attempted aussalt case an hour before. The police had tried to convince me I would not need lawyer, but I insisted.

They police interveiwed me, then apoligized for arresting me, but they did give me a caution for being Drunk and Disorderly.

As soon as I left the police station I phoned my flat, and my insane flat mate demanded to know where I had been"

Me: "Hi, it's Rory"
Her: "Where the hell have you been, are you ok?"
Me: "Yes, I'm fine now."
Her: "I had to clean your friggen room, and move all your shit! You better have Died, Gotten Laid, or Been in Jail."
Me: "I was in jail."
Her: "That no excu...What?!?!"
Me: "I was aressted, I spent the night in Jail."
Her:"Oh, wow...what happened?"
Me:"I'll explain when I get home."

And thats my story.

Laura and Katy turn up today, which is all I need right now. Looking after my 15 year old cousin, and her friend is not my Idea of fun. At least my mom sent stuff for me with her, I just hope it's nothing that Her Majestys customs find offensive. After all, Lamberts don't have a very good record with UK Immagration at the momment :)

Oh ya, Timb, Samb, or Josh, not a word to my parents yet O.K. ? I'll tell them, but I'll wait untill after Laura is gone.
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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I’m trapped in the office, waiting for the rain to slow or stop as my Jacket is smware between London and Edninbrugh.

Well, I have not touched this thing for a long time. Not out of lazyniss however, but having been too busy.

Quick run down:

I had Colleen and Jess stay for three weeks, the left yesterday.

Glen’s inpending departure forced us to find a new flatmate, and Glen left today.

Spent a Week in Scotland last week.

I got a raise, and even more hectic then usuall work.

Oh, and yesterday was Canada day. Yet more drunken tales.

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Monday, June 09, 2003

I felt like a frik’en real estate agent this weekend. Since Glen is leaving at the end of the month we had to find ourselves a new flat mate. This lead to me showing the flat to over 15 different people in one day! I should not really complain as we were looking for a female in order to balance out our mini-population. So guys (or girls) if you ever want to meet members of the opposite sex and have them provide their phone number to you of there own free will, just advertise a single room available for the gender of your choice :)

By the fourth girl I had the whole spiel memorized, the rent amount, the cost of the bond, which bills were included, who’s in what room. By the end of it I had gotten to the point where I could influence the candidates impression of the place with only a subtle re-wording of the same information. If she was not someone I wished to share the flat with I would mention that we have a washing machine dryer combination, but that the drying part only kind of works. If I liked them as a flat mate, I’d just call it a washing machine that has a drying “feature” that we don’t use much, ‘cus it does not completely dry the clothes.

A quick example table is in order:

Don’t like the person:
“We have a high-speed broadband internet connection with a static IP address.”
I like the person:
“We have a really fast internet connection.”
“I hope you like drinking. (Said with a crazy grin.)”
We go to the Redback every Sunday, and your welcome to come if you wish.”

Of course the first girl I showed around ended up taking the room.

But all this led to an interesting development. My Flat-mate Nicole has been putting her-self in charge of most of the financial runnings of the flat, and selling this loss of control to the rest of us because she feels she is the most experienced, which she is. Then she complains that the rest of us don’t help out enough. I kind of agreed with her at first, until we started looking for a new flatmate. It soon became obvious that it was not just her trying to be help full, but that she wanted things her way, and was not really ready to relinquish control. I’m not sure she even realizes she’s doing it, but it really started to get on my nerves. You see I have my own room and Glenn shares with Willy. Since Glenn was leaving and we had to get a new Flat mate anyway, Nicole asked if I would not mind sharing with Willy so she would not be the only girl in the flat. The £40 pounds off my rent a month was not going to hurt either, so I agreed. To cut a long winded Rory-Story short, she tried to hijack my efforts to rent the room out, which royally pissed me off.

Nicole showed the first few people around because she put Her e-mail address on the ad to rent My room. None of them seemed that interested. I showed the third Girl around only because Nicole was out when she came to look at the flat. The girl said she was very interested right away. After that I ended up showing everyone around because it was obvious I was a bit better at dealing with random people.

Also saw the Animatrix over the weekend. The Animation was top rate, but much like The Matrix Reloaded itself, the plot suffers at the expense of the visuals. However, the first movie was some of the best CG animation I have seen to date.

My mind is acting really strange on me at the moment, it’s just throwing out all these ideas and strategies that are un-related most of the stuff I’m doing in the real world. Not just crazy ideas like I’m used to either, more fully formed, with supporting reasons and techniques to back them up. And dreams. Dreams that are so life like they should be classified as Fucking grade A mind warping. I wonder if the precognition of my child hood has returned with a vengeance. If so the extra information is welcome, even if it’s nothing more then my brain chemistry’s equivalent of passing gas. If you remember William Gibson’s node theories, then this all kind of makes sense. I knew the end of the month was going to see some serious shifts for me, even with out my sub-conscious placing full-page spreads in the pages of my dreams.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Jess and Colleen have arrived. I'm courpting them faster then I thought I would.

But back to work tommrow. And I'm seeing Ani Difranco in concert. Don't ask, it's a long story.

I got all the documents I need for my passport now. Now I just need to make the time, then I'm a free man.

Supper was Pesto Rice....I'm heading to bed.

Colleen is reading the Lonely Planet guide to Canada, 'tis funny, no Doot-a-boot it...

This just in: The paint roller was a Canadian invention!
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Monday, June 02, 2003

Monday. Back to work after a weekend in which I did nothing, and I'm glad.

We have started to interview replacement flatmates because Glen is leaving for Asia at the end of the month. The first girl was scared shit-less after Willy came out of his room half-asleep and half-dressed after working the night shift. Willy is HUGE, and scary looking. The others seemed fine with the place. Someone else is supossed to come for a look tonight.

Switching to personal transport, I’m in the process of trying to aquire a BMX bike, as a mountain bike is to big to keep at the flat. London has a serious lack of elevbation anyway, so the loss of gears is not even an issue.

I need some food before the assignments start to pile up.

Mmmmm, foooood.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Everything is pending at the moment. Passport: In progress. Account details for rent: Tomorrow. Jess's Ticket: Tonight if possible. Deftones gig. Next week sometime.

The only thing that Is going to happen: The Matrix Reloaded. Tonight I'm heading off to see it.

It’s way too hot out today, in a muggy I-really-don't-feel-like-working sort of way. The long weekend was too much. Friday to Sunday is a blur, but Monday made up for it. I guess I'm not really complaining about the heat, just my body's inability to deal with the shift in temperature. It's always been slow at it, and considering one of my genetic traits. It's not really all that surprising.

The flat's on the 'net though.

Karl, I'm going to e-mail you, as soon as I stop being lazy.

The US admission that "Iraq could have destroyed all it’s weapons of mass destruction before we got there." Was greeted by hysterical laughter by just about anyone who herd it today. Shit, Mt Rumsfeild should do stand-up.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I am invinceable. Or I can't spell.

Lots of stuff to do at work = really short blog posts. Which for the public interest is mostly a good thing.

I have new powers, but to re-veal them now would piss off PETA. Shit Canadian beef has got Mad-Moo-Moo virus. Toronto has SARS for all.

The washing machine has gone into spin cycle, I must leave you all now.
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Friday, May 23, 2003

It's a long weekend for me in about 15mins, Weeee!

3 days off is just what the Medical Practitioner ordered.

The only guy in the office newer then myself has the coolest phone I have ever seen. It's what "The Matrix" Phone would have looked like if the Makers of the movie had ssen the future. It's all metal, and it's got this really fluid slideing motion that got me hooked faster then those calculators that flip up when you press the button. I was going to get a bike in order to comute to work but I think I have found amuch better object to invest in, somthing I need far less, but want far more. Untill somthing else that has no use, but looks cool anyway comes along.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I've started walking to work again, which I stopped for a while when I moved into the flat. It takes about a half an hour to travel the distance on my poor excuse for legs. This may not sound so amazing to you if unless are a resident of London. That’s right, I’m a lucky bastard. I live in London, and by complete coincidence my Job and my work are only a half hour apart. Walking to work is so much more relaxing. The bus was shit.

Public transport in London is very extensive, priced reasonably (well, compared to taxies or owning a car) and pretty fast from point A to Point B. But it’s also boring.

Londoners, as a rule, Don’t Talk on public transport. A habit that makes sense on London’s noisy Underground system, but causes you to wonder what horrible punishments are given to those who talk on buses. Until some ones Mobile rings that is. Then your fellow passenger not only starts to talk, they become extremely vocal. It is a strange behaviour pattern, in my opinion, that effectively causes people to only talk to people who are not visible. If you are sitting next to your fellow passenger, he or she will act like you are not even there. But, if you are not there, he or she will act like your are sitting right next to them. A typical London bus passenger will discuss, debate, pontificate or just plain yell at the top of their voice about any subject that comes to mind. Going from not knowing weather the girl sitting across the aisle can even speak English, to learning Her name, the names of her last few boyfriends, her views on the war in Iraq, and the horrifying effects of her mothers battle with fiber can make you wish you had skipped breakfast. Or walked to work.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

My fisrt group e-mail in forever was relaesd into the public. So far the major papers are reserveing their judgment until the impact on our culture is fully visable....

The Chemical bothers escaped me, but it was prolly for the best.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Besides working 9 to 5 at my job.... I've spent the last three weeks fighting with UK imagration about my status as a UK Citizen. I won, but it cost me two and a half days off work. This weekend I did a photoshoot with one of the girls from works band. I mannaged to loose my wallet on my way back from the shoot, but some lady found it and called my cousin in Norwich 'cus she found his name it. So his girlfriend Hannah called me with her number, as Tom is on a six week research cruise. On Friday I'm going to try to see the Chemical Brothers play at Club Fabric. I'm looking forword to that.
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Friday, May 02, 2003

Before I finish off the “French Trip Catastrophe” I’d like to point out a few things:

After reading through this blog I realized my spelling and grammar are horrible. So for those who are not aware: I’m dyslexic, I can’t help it. I promise to try to spell check my posts with Word from now on, but it won’t always be possible.

Also, from reading my posts you might get the impression that I am a heavy drinker. That is not the case; in fact the opposite is true. I’m a really light drinker, which is why there are more then a fair share of alcohol related incidents posted here. They stand out because I’m not really into drinking, but when I do, it always leads to crazy adventures. Plus writing about intoxicated adventures allows you to embellish with ease :)

Editors note: Please read part one, a few posts down, first!

Back to France, or at least what I can remember of it:

After getting off the train we boarded a coach (bus for you North Americans reading) hired by the Firm. We proceeded to view sites of interest to Architects when they visit Paris. This turned out to by far more interesting then I expected. Some of the Buildings were really fascinating works of art matched with practical design needs.

We also visited a photographic gallery, which I, as a photographer, was really looking foreword to. Unfortunately it turned out to be very mediocre. After words we wandered back towards the train station, stopping for drinks at every other Café we passed. Before I got too intoxicated I managed to get only few good pictures, but that was a bonus anyway.

The last café was just outside the train station, which lead to a marathon drinking session by my co-workers, which I tried to avoid. As people got drunker it was quite enlighting to see who acted in what way. By the time we left for the station, I had had quite a few drinks. Bad move Rory.

Customs really does not like drunken people trying to explain their immigration status. And in my case it’s hard enough to explain while sober. It turned out that they thought I should be deported! Because I was travelling on a Canadian passport, but had no work Visa (which I don’t need, because I was born in England!), they tried to refuse me entry. I managed to talk my way onto the train back to London, despite my semi-drunken state. Fuelled by my brush with Her Majesty’s Royal Customs officers (who I hold no ill will against, they were only trying to do their job), on the train home I joined in on the drinking with gusto.

The next thing I remember I woke up in my flat. After that I basically had a relaxing weekend, which I needed badly.

Well, until Tuesday (Monday’s a bank holiday boys and girls), have fun, and eat some tasty rice.


This post was fuelled by Dark Chocolate.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Part two will ahve to wait untill tommrow, I'm working REALLY LATE tonight and I don't have time to write anything today.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Well, Adventures in France were promised, and that's what you shall have:

This story starts much earlier though, so I'll take you back to the beginning.

Last Thursday my Flat Mates (not vertically challenged friends, people who share the same apartment) Convinced to me to go out drinking with them at near by pub called the Slug and Lettuce. This should not have been a problem even though I was supposed to be waking up at 4:30am the next morning for the office trip to France. I took only enough money for 3 drinks. All was going according to plan. Then, like a CIA backed regime change, Ex-Hostellers Brendon and Dan showed up. Everything went to hell. My state of intoxication ramped up for no reason, and had not even reached three drinks. The reason for my drinks magical and seemingly bottomless turned out to be Dan. I caught him in the act of refilling my beer from his pitcher about 10 mins before closing time. But it was too late, I was wasted.

This is the bit where it gets a little fuzzy, and as you know I'm fuzzy enough already.

I made it home from what hey tell me, with Glen and I making enough noise that we woke up Nicole.

The next thing I actually remember is being woken up by Nicole at 5:30am because my alarm had gone off for ages, and my ride had already come and gone. So I borrowed her phone to call a Cab, 'cus I was out of credit. But her batteries were dead, so I had to canabalize my phone for power. Which is not easy with only 4 hours sleep and still feeling the effects of what we later estimated was probably about 5-6 pints. I would like to point out that I am not Nearly a Heavy drinker, or even a medium one. In fact the only reason I would qualify as a small drinker, would be because I'm short.

I had not time to shower or shave, and only just managed to throw on some clean clothes before the cab turned up. I also, apparently, not had time to sober up.

Cabbie: Where are you going today Sir?

Me: Paris

Cabbie: Ummm, I can't really go that far sir, are you flying or taking the train?

Me: The one that goes through the tunnel.

Cabbie: A Train then?

Me: Yes, France, Paris, Bojour land!

Cabbie: You mean the EuroStar?

Me: Yes, That’s the one!

Cabbie: What time is your train, do you know?

Me: 6:40am I think

Cabbie: Ok, I'll try. It’s 6:15am already sir, just so you know.

At this point the Cab accelerated to near light speed. The driver then entered some sort of Buddhist cab drivers trance that allowed him to maintain this speed while just managing to avoid pedestrians, cars, bobbies and the occasional double Decker bus. The traffic was actually very light and the weather was sunny. As we passed Buckingham palace (Hello Queen!) The driver attempted conversation:

Cabbie: Is that your Breakfast?
Me: Breakfast?

This confused my for a few seconds until I realized I was holding a can of Pringles chips in one hand. So I proceeded to eat them until we reach Waterloo Station. I tipped the cabbie ran into the departures area were Steph, one of my co-workers was waiting with my ticket. We were rushed through customs and onto the train, which started moving as soon as we boarded. Once I was all settled in, I realized that was the first time I had ever gone through customs while drunk.

The Chunnel is not as exciting as I imagined it would be, but the concept still boggles the mind. It's a little disconcerting after it's been ten mins. and the train still has not come out. Once it reaches the other side though, the train speeds up to about 230 miles an hour. Which is quite the thrill at first.

Tommorw: Paris and Her Majesy's Royal Pain in The Ass Customs.

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Monday, April 28, 2003

No real post for today, sorry... But returning tommorw will be worth it, I promise! France, Booze, and Royal Customs officers are all involved.
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Thursday, April 24, 2003

I'm off to France for the day tommrow, no more posts untill monday unless I intend to spend my own money for a bit of online time. Wow, I sound all European <------ Sarcasm Ninjas are Cool!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The shower and I are at war. I like nice warm water, of a consitant tempreture. The shower perfers to change from hot to cold about 4 to 5 times a min. I'm not exagerting either, it's nuts. It's like showering in Morse code. Cold, Cold, Cold, HOT, HOT, Cold, HOT, Cold, Cold. It's not the bset way to start a day, naaaar! I better leave as their are only a few of us left at work now, and the predator is picking off the slow ones. Where is Arni when you need him?
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I scared the shit out of me self when I got up this mourning, as I had not remembered abot thhe hair cut. You see, my flat mate Glenn offered to buzz cut my head. Under the influance of nothing but Ben and Jerries Ice cream I agreed. Once I figured out that the near-skinhead lurking in my bathroom was actualy me I was able to calm down. Happy belated 4:20 day everyone. If you don't know what that is, your normal and in this case thats most likely a good thing. Unless you are from Sooke, and then your not normal, but then being normal a Sooke person is a bad thing, so take your pick. Today marks the end of a four day weekend in which I did shit all. Under the circumstances I was pleased with doing nothing. Why do I always forget the funny shit that happend as I am about to type it. When I first started at my job there was a huge Kit-Kat Billboard asking us if we were tired of work. It's not the sight I really wanted for my first few weeks of my new job. Anyway, back to my weekend: My flat mates and I went to the Redback and proceeded to all get drunk at diffrent stages of the evening. I got wasted first which led to an attempted pool game on my part. Playing doubles with some Polish guy I had never met lead to our quick defeat. The fact that my partner in pool was trying to ride a skateboard at the same time may have been a countrubuting factor. By the time I sobered up, my flat mate had got herself really, really Sloshed and insisted I take her home. Man people tell you funny stuff when they are drunk. Been reading this persons blog at the momment. http://annecentral.blogspot.com/ I now see why other bloggers keep lists of who they read. I'm going to have to start my own list I guess.
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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Sarah and Lindsay have left now. Well i guess thay are actualy waiting for their flight at heathrow at the momment. The flat is going to seem so empty with out ANY dosers whatsoever, and Dion away in Oz. But! Today is the begining of a Four Day weekend! However... Money: I'm really starting to hate it. Well postel Money Orders to be exact. Now one can cash them! I've been into 4 diffent post offices and each one sends me to a slightly bigger Post Office which they swear will be able to cash my Meeger amount. The Problem is I need that money, as I'm going to france with my company next Friday. With out this Money order I'm going to be dead broke in a forgian Countrey with a Semi-Valid Passport. Well, my passport is fine, it's just the wrong one. You when they ask what i have been in france for I'll have to Lie, or say that I have been on a trip with my office, at which point due to the fact that i am carrying a Canadian Passport they are going to ask where my work Visa is. That's not a good thing, for I don't have one. And Technicly I don't need one, 'cus I'm a brittish Citizen. But all I have is my UK birth Certifict. I'm sure with a little time with Her Majaestys nice customs officers will set things right. But even though I know it will just take a Little Bit of talking, my work is going to start asking questions about why customs was asking me questions. I really don't feel like explaining the whole situation to two groups of people who can have a negetive effect on my wages just 'csu they don't like my story, even if it's legit. That is all.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Sitting in an Architectual firm listing to System of a Down makes for an interesting parodox between what your eyes are seeing and what your ears are hearing...it's kind of a trip. As requested comments are now possible on each post, so let the ffed back begin! Come, both of you :) Thats one interesting thing abou this whole exersise, I have no idea who reads this thing, or if anyone actualy is. It's friggen hot out today, well by brittish standerds anyway :) Day's over, I'm heading home. Shit, I forgot to do my time sheets again. Current Song in iTunes: Flight Test --- The Flaming Lips
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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Well, I had this really long entery all ready to go for today, but then I relized it contined too much incriminating info on some friends of mine, and it will have to be shleved untill I can re-work the story with out thoses bits which might harm the public.... But anyway...The Twins came back from Amsterdam last night and so did Glen, who went compleatly indpendently of them. This made last night the first night that everyone who actualy lives at the flat was all there for one night. Since Dion leaves for Auz today for a 2 week trip home, it's prolly not going to happen again for a long time. I'm not making any progress on getting into my FTP account, this is delaying my abbility to post pictures, or non-blogger written content, naaaar!!! I got half an hour left in my work day, so adious for now amigoes. PS: You may notice that commenting is now possible on this thing. In an unrealted event I can't seem to get the archives to show up, buty I'm ot sure why.
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This is a post in order to make the commenting code go live.
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Monday, April 14, 2003

Compleatly underestimating the drying time of my garments led to a slightly soggy start to my work day this morning. It's monday, I'm back at work and my clothes are mostly dry now. Yes, I miss timed when I should have done my laundery this weekend. Next time i'll make sure it's all done before I go to The Redback. After showing Ashik Hyde park and speakers corner I changed my mind about my plans to get a bike in order to get to work. I'm thinking i'm going to get roller blades instead. Blades match my transport needs almost excactly. For getting to work they are perfect as I can take backstreets most of the way, so traffic is not an issue or a danger. I tend to take the tube often, and you can't take a bike on the Underground. So with my London underground photo project, 'blades make a lot of sense. Plus locking a bike up is a pain in the ass, and there is a very high chance it will be stolen in this city anyway. where as I can just bung blades into a backpack. London has a lack of off-road areas, and it's very flat, perfect roller-bladeing. The Big event this weekend: Christy (An Ex-Hostel mate currently staying at our place untill her flat is avalible, [for the people back home]) had a hair dying horror, and ended up paying £80 to get it fixed. It took the hair dresser 3 hours to repair the damage caused by the miss-use of a £10 bottle of hair dye. On Saturday, we all went and Visted the other Meridan flat, which ended up being only a 5 min walk away! Sweet! It's pretty big and has it's own back-yard. It's already the "party-Flat", and will only get more crazy as Englands excuse for a summer gets closer. The Roll Call for the Ex-Meridain residents flats: Flat 1 (Fullham area, boardering on Hammersmith. It's on the Second floor by brittish standerds) Dion, Nicole, Rory (me!) and Glen. Plus Willy, a former resident. Flat 2 (Hammersmith, about 5 mins from Flat 1. It's more of a house really, 'tis very large) Rochelle, Liz, Matt, Brom, Kristy, Lee-Ann and Dave and Mike. Plus Kersty and Anna since they escaped from Paris and are dosing till they leave for thair trip. Flat 3 (Acton Town. about 10 mins walk from The Redback) All the girls from flat 3 are staying at flat 1 until their place is avalible.) Christy, Misty, Mandy and Brendon. Plus Two former rezidents Derral and soem other guy. The Others: The other Rory and Kirky are on medical trials Eugen and Anthony are thought to be staying at Ayres Rock hostel. Jasenta went home. Big Dan is staying at Beaver's place I think Julie-Ann now lives in Cambridge, and has a nice teaching job Kat is working at the Ship Pub, and is living with her boyfriend untill they move to spain at the end of the month, but don't tell her work that :) Anna-Bell moved before the hostel ended, and it looks loke Holly and Hennery will move in to her Battersea flat as well. The others either moved before they new the place was closing or I don't know ware they ended up.
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Saturday, April 12, 2003

I'm going to get a digtal camera soon, I can feel it.

I put it this way for a reason. It's not somthing I wan't to do, as I really can't afford it, but I must. For my state of mind. Waiting till I have finnished an entire roll of film, then an extra week to get it processed is too much. And it's not that cheap. In fact a digtall will pay for itself after about 2 months I figure. Maybe I'll get s cheap D60 off of e-bay. I was looking at the stuff I shot with Undergo back in June and it was a lot better then I remembered it being. Plus all this writing (well, typing) with out any photographs is really not my style. My job is not creative enough to keep my mind ocupied, and I'm afrid my Shooting will stagnate if shooting 100 percent film all the time becomes too expensive. I think a ratio of 70% Digatal and 30% Film seems about right.

But it's a a real toss up 'cus I need a new lens for the Nikon (my current 35mm Film Camera is a Nikon 808s) as I'm stuck with a 24mm lens all my stuff is very Lanscapey or Very Journilistic. I love both styles, but I'm getting sick of 'em. So I need a 50mm fixed, or maybe even a 50-120mm. Ya, thats prolly more like it. Once I get a new lens I can broaden my shooting a bit more, shift into some true portrait style stuff, instead of all this "point-and-grab" stuff.

Till then the 24mm lens is perfect for the first pahse of my next project: The Tube.

more on that once I figure it out...
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Friday, April 11, 2003

I have the abbilty to place photos in this thing now, but I don't really have any scanned in, and I don't have access to digatal cameras at the momment. I'm having trouble getting into my Canadian FTP account, but I suspect this is either my employers fire wall, or my FTP host is refusing to let me in since it can tell i'm in the UK. If that's they case then heads will roll, as I'm pretty sure the bost abut "world wide avalibility" in their advertising. One of the secreteries at work is in an up and coming "Pop Group" An all girl band, of a style very popular in the UK right now. Anyway I have been asked to do their promotional photos after she saw some of my work. Sweet deal for me! Some one is going to pay for my film for the next few weeks, naaar! I better stop mucking around with this, Ashik is supossed to show up tonight, and we are going Drinking! Weeee! Till Monday...
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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Dream Weaver and I do not like each other. It is an illogical program. I want to link to a file on a local network drive but it refuses to from a link that works. It will let me link to files in Japan, Canada Russisa, China, Poland, France or Antarctica, but if I want to link to a file sitting less then 20 meters away in the server closet, it refuses to do it. Soon we are swithing to Mac OS 10.2.somthing and all my web-linking problems will be solved. The entire firm will be forced to use names with out slashes in them, which is what I suspect is casuing all my troubles today. I have been fighting with this thing for days, but I will soon prevail, oh yes I will be vic-rory-ious! One of my flat mates wants to go to the Slug and Lettuce tonight. I not really sure if that actualy a good idea, it's a crazy place... UPDATE: I'm leaving work an hour late due to printing problems, arrrg! I'm also hungery...food is my only option...
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A slight update to the Interface, very slight i hope...

This post is only here to allow me to publish the new code.
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Snow. It was snowing when I got up today. Just for the record I'm living in London. London England, not Onterio. It's not allowed to snow here, well, not in April anyway. Sean is leaving today, but Ashik turns up tommrow...I have'nt told my flat mates about that yet. Ashik leaves the next day anyway, then we get two day's off from Constent Canadain Dosers (people who crash at your place for a day or two) and then Sarah and Lindsay are back from amsterdam. I'm not sure how long they stay, but it;s getting kind of redicules. I love having them around and all, it's just that my flat mates are getting a little ticked...I am paying the most ren, but still.... I forgot to do yesterdays back-ups, but I told my boss that i just put the wrong tape in. He found it pretty funny, but I think he would have been pissed if he knew I actualy forgot compleatly.
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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Images Will come soon, Now it's off to the bus...

Or at least, oh well I'll plat with this tommrow...

Must remmber to get pictures/poster for wall in my flat....
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Well I have updated This to the code base I was testing in the other, unnamed blog!

It's almost the end of the work day so, a to do list:

-Do my Time Sheets before I leave
-E-mail a bunch of people tommrow
-Show Sean my recent work

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I'm back at work again, and my first action was to check my e-mail and then slog through the Novel sized communication from my mom. I have to finnish an update to an internal web-site, and then I should be free to play with this thing a bit more. In the name of Company research of course :)
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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Reading other peoples blogs off Blogger.com is a strange experiance... This post was realy just an excuse to say work is over, home to FooD! Shit, I forgot my wallet at home, I'll have to borrow a pound for the bus...
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Sean just called me. He missed his flight, at least he gets a few more days in London. I don't think my Flat Mates will be too impressed how ever... I have a tesg rig running at a diffrent address, once i get the kinks figured out, I plan on adding pictures. That should prevent any more cries of Cop-Out. 3 mins left in the work day and counting :)
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The Web's first regularly up-dated Cop-out Vol 1 ------------------------------------------------------------- The Flat was really full last night, 6 extra people! 3 of 'em were Sean, Sarah and Lindsay, 5 Canadians in one London flat is a rarity. Having guests stay really made the reality hit home that it's my place. Up till that point it just seemed like I was stay at a friends place, not someware I just singed a six month lease on. This mourning was adventures in bus time, as I took the bus to work for the first time, and I got the right one... More on this and other exciting adventures when I feel like it.
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Monday, April 07, 2003

Well I'm Still at work...no big surprise there. Just over an hour to go till escape. I need to figure out how to edit this blog template so it dose what I want it to do...adding pictures will, for me, be a big priority. I'm thinking about getting a digatal Camera of some sort, but it's a toss up between that, and getting a lens or two for the old Nikon. Instant web gratifacation vs. Long Term image qulity and added profesnial abbillity. Now that I typed that out, option number two makes more sense, at least in text form... The weathers nice again, but cold...
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Well, it was the Weekend of the End. And of the Start. The Meridian is pretty much closed down now, last night was the last offcial one that was open to the public, now it's just 4 or 5 people left I guess... I don't really know 'cus I spent the last two nights at my new flat. Yes that's right I have my own place, my "trip to england" has turned into a Bon-ifed case of "moving -out". In Other words I now Work 9:00-5:30, Monday to Friday, Own a mobile phone, I pay rent, Commute on public transport and have been known to "go for a pint after work with the lads". And all 'cus I was too hung-over to refuse a job. Well I guess that's what happens after a 5-day drinking binge :) Anna and Kirsty have prolly already left for Paris, the others have all moved out by today or are staying with "us". I guess A little info about the flat is in order: It's a 3 bedroom flat on Dawes road in the Fullham Area of London. It's good 10min walk to the Tube station, and we have a bus that goes stright into centrel London that leaves right outside our door. It would take about 20-25 mins to get to centrel London Via tube during off-peak, and about the same on the bus, but busses run all night, ware-as the tube shuts around 11:30. I have My own Room, Nichloe and Dion share a room, and Glen (kewi, ex night manager from the Hostel, currently Gardening) and Willy or Villie depnding who you ask share a room. Willy is huge, hence he works as a bouncer at a London Club, but he also Sub-lets 3 flats as a side thing. The reason he rents with us is because of "Lo-K-Shun, Mini-man" as he put it to me. I was hanging out at the Hostel Yesterday, mainly 'cus we raided it for everything we needed for our flat: Beds, Blankets, pillows, sheets, pots, pans, power-bars, stereos, clothes, toilet paper, the lot. In the middle of collecting my pillfered pile of stuff, Ashik called me out of the blue, He was in London and his plans for the night had fallen through. So we observed the brittish custom for friends that have not seen each other in 6 months or 6 mins. We went for a pint, and a game of pool. Since the Dawsons are currently in the Lake District for the weekend Ashik missed 'em. But he will be back in a week or so anyway. I'll update this later, I should really get some work done....
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Friday, April 04, 2003

It's been a stange few days.

Well it turns out that two of girls at the hostel have been Striping to earn money. Most people had no idea, even their respective partners had no clue.

Also Cat, turned up to collect her mail looking really beat up. Aparently a few days earlyer she had been hit by a 4x4 pick-up truck while getting of a bus. She was hosptilized and out cold for 4 hours. Luckly she had not Major injuries.

In other news:
We sign the lease for the flat tommrow, and we move in the same day. It's kind of exciting.

Lunch: 1 pice of Chicken and a Ham sandwich. Plus lots of water and some pringles.
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Thursday, April 03, 2003

I Set up a weblog at work while I was sopossed to be working, how typical of me. I have less then an hour of work left now, so I'm burning CD's for People from the Hostel. Am I a good employee or what? The Meridains's inpending death is really obvious now. If the place was not a dump before, it sure is now. If you but a glass down on a counter for more then 10 mins it "fuses" in place. Forks are a rare and valuable item. Everyone is jumping ship. I'm going to moving to a Flt in the Fullham area if everything goes well. I Moving out with Dion an Aussi and Nicole a Canadain, from Victoria. Dion was the Manager of the hostel (still is tilll next week) and Nicole is his girllfriend. They both lived at the hostel. For the people back home: Sarah and Lindsay are staying with me at the hostel, and have been since friday. The Leave tommrow to go hiking in the Peak Disctrict (northen England). The plan to Visit a friend of theirs who they used to work at the Vet Clinic with. If all goes to plan they come back Monday night and then Fly to Amsterdam for a bit, and the Come Back to england again! Then it's off to India for them.
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Name Change.
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Wow, I am the Blog Master! This space Will be useless untill I calm down!
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This is a test of the iBlog System!
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The First entery.

Well I gues this is my first true weblog.

I hate the Idea of joining a trend but I'm geeting sick of typing the same e-mail over and over again.

SO....with much further ado...'cus I'm like that:

The Test Blog has started!
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